The Tile

A fidget slider designed to solve your boredom and distract from the woes of ADHD. Machined from various materials and offered in custom finishes, the Tile is ready to spend a lifetime in your pockets.

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Quiet Carry Scales, Now Available for Order!

Queen City Custom Works is now ready to work with Quiet Carry's Current, Drift, Waypoint, and Waypoint LC knives. Select from any of our standard materials or place a custom order to make your knife one-of-a-kind!

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Custom Quality for a Not-So-Custom price!

Choose your knife, choose your material, and pay your deposit - its just that simple!

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Vero Engineering Synapse Gen 2 & 3 Scales

Vero Engineering Synapse XL Scales

Vero Engineering Synapse Mini Scales

Padauk Scales Now Available!

Highly figured, highly desired, very premium.

Padauk is an exotic species known for its deep color and excellent grain texture. A perfect pairing for a premium knife like the Vero Engineering Synapse.

Now available in XL and Mini sizes.