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Introducing the Novel Carry Tile - the domino-style fidget slide toy designed to provide endless distraction and relaxation. This versatile fidget toy is perfect for moments when boredom strikes and you're having trouble focusing during long work calls, car rides, or anytime you need to keep your hands occupied.

Available in a range of materials, from affordable 3D print plastics for everyday use, to durable Richlite for added resilience, and luxurious Marbled Carbon Fiber for a touch of sophistication, the Novel Carry Tile offers a customizable and satisfying fidgeting experience for every individual.

  • Plastic - $16.99+

    Our most affordable option for fidget enthusiasts. Available in a vibrant array of colors and options that include metal infused filaments for added heft and optimal weight-to-size ratio.

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  • Blue Richlite with Advanced Polymer Textured Slides

    Richlite - $31.99+

    An ultra-durable and sustainable material. Richlite offers impressive deflective and flexural strength, making it the perfect option for fidgeters seeking a Tile that can withstand heavy use.

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  • Carbon Fiber - $81.99+

    Our most premium Tile option. The ultimate choice for those seeking a premium fidgeting experience. Crafted from high-quality carbon fiber, this Tile option exudes sophistication and offers a tactile and visual experience like no other.

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