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Queen City Custom Works

Vero Engineering Semi-Custom Scales

Vero Engineering Semi-Custom Scales

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Custom Quality for a Not-So-Custom price!

Queen City Custom Works is now offering semi-custom scales for several Vero Engineering knives. Choose your knife, choose your material, and pay your deposit - its just that simple!

Special Pricing Notes:

  • All prices displayed on this page are base (deposit) prices. Your order total will be calculated after your material is ordered and is equal to the deposit  + material cost and material shipping. 

  • You will receive a second invoice when your order is ready to ship. This second invoice will be equal to the material and material shipping costs incurred to procure your knife blanks. It must be paid prior to your order shipping.

Semi-Custom Order Lead Time: 1-2 weeks after your material arrives to our shop.

How to Order: 

  1. Select a Vero Engineering knife from the list provided and Add to Cart.
  2. Browse from blanks at the links below.
  3. Navigate to your cart and include a link to your selected blank in the "Order Special Instructions" text box.
  4. Place order and pay deposit.

Select your Scale Material:

Semi-Custom scale order pricing will only be applicable to scales from the following online stores and categories. Selecting a material outside of the below will not be considered 'semi-custom' and will applicable to our custom order pricing due to additional processing that may be required to complete your order.

Can't find a material you like from the options above? Submit a custom order inquiry here.


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