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Ursa Goods

Why Ursa? Who is behind this?

Ursa because of my love of nature, sea and adventure. In short, the brightest star - Alfa Ursae Minoris - located in the constellation Ursa Minor otherwise known as the Polar Star. For years, when I went to camps, in the evenings I stared at the stars and spent so much time listening to the wind. Is there anything better than blissful laziness in the midst of nature? 

Ursa Goods - I'm behind this IG and my name is Maciej. I live in Poland, I'm a husband and father of four children. I have always wanted something of my own. For years I created things from various materials such as leather, wood, metal. The first products you see on the site are made of leather, because of my current capabilities. Who knows what the future holds? All that remains is hard work and staring at the stars!

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